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Cute new poster with Ciel & Sebastian for the upcoming Black Butler Book of Murder (黒執事 Book of Murder) OAV in Newtype Magazine (Amazon JP) illustrated by animation director Miyuki Nakamura (中村深雪).

October 21 + 1599


Get Over With Now || Kuroshitsuji Chapter 98
October 21 + 2936


Hot, is it not? || Edited By Me & Original By Yana Toboso
October 20 + 1329



((The original art can be found here - Black Butler: Halloween look. by Melkpso - Please go show the artist some love! - Do not remove the artist-source information!))

October 20 + 224
Well, this will need cleaning.
October 20 + 336

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N

October 19 + 1407

Kuroshitsuji / Shina Himetsuka: Doujinshi ; Dance a Waltz Endroll 

October 19 + 648